Heighington CE Primary and Bishopton Redmarshall C of E School

Heighington CE Primary

Heighington CE Primary School and Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School
"Life in all its fullness" (John 10:10)

Bishopton Redmarshall C of E School


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Members, Directors, Academy Council & Committees


Bishop of Durham

Chair of Board of Education

Incumbent of St Michael's Parish (Revd Lissa M Scott)

Incumbent of Stockton Country Parish (Revd Claire Gibb)

Chair of Directors (David Halfacre)


Executive Headteacher

Mr MN Parker



Mr David Halfacre - Chair

Mr Lee Hammond - Vice Chair

Mr R Neville Briscoe

Mr James D Brown

Mr Richard J Frankland

Mr Stephen J Harker


Academy Council

Mr Richard J Frankland - Chair               Stockton PCC

Mr R Neville Briscoe - Vice Chair            Stockton PCC

Mrs Janine Lowther                                Stockton PCC

Revd Claire Gibb                                  Stockton Incumbent

Revd Lissa M Scott                                Heighington Incumbent

Mr Eric Ainsworth                                 Heighington Trustees

Mr David Sellers                                   Heighington Trustees

Mrs Barbara Watson                            Heighington PCC

Cllr Gerald G Lee                                 Heighington PCC

Mr Tom Keenan                                    Parent

Mrs Lisa Thom                                      Parent

Mrs Michelle L Wallis                           Staff

Mrs Janice Wise                                  Head of School - Bishopton

Ms Carly Spence                                 Head of School - Heighington


Staffing Committee

The Academy Council provides a pool from which members are asked to attend the Staffing Committee meetings when required.


Safeguarding Committee

Ms Carly Spence

Mrs Barbara Watson

Mr Richard J Frankland

Mrs Janine Lowther

Mrs Michelle L Wallis


Finance Committee

Mr James D Brown - Chair

Mr Neil Parker

Mr Lee Hammond

Mr David Halfacre

Mr Richard J Frankland

Mr R Neville Briscoe

Mr Stephen J Harker









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